From Mali
Material: Wood
Early 20th century
Gwa = Beautiful. Ndusu = mother or woman. Women would go and speak to the Gwandusu in order to bear children. The gorgeous figure with her arms lifted and hands held high resembles Dogon telems. What is most special and significant about this Gwandusu, unlike similar postures for the Mbembe warriors who hold the heads of their enemies, she is holding two ancestral heads. The expression of her arms and her meditative seat indicate strength, power and spirituality. Gwandusu are the connection between humans and their ancestors. They have the ability to travel between the two world sending messages.

She connects every human to the first human making all things possible. She is the commander and she commands. The Dogon are believed to be the very first people. Gwandusu is believed to have set the Bambara free from the Dogon; she is the Ma, the beginning.

I call it DNA. Speaking from the grave.
I am a mother, your mother. Setting you free
from the Dogon. I am the Medium of all humans
I am a connector to all your Ancestors. Through I, you all
are safe, free. I am the answer to all your needs and problems.
I am the beginning, the solution, the DNA.

On her head she is wearing a coifia with an animal motif. This is where the magic is believed to be kept. She has bracelets on her wrists and upper arms and is sitting on a special stool. Her hair is braided and she has a very serene face indicating prayer. Call for price.